The Pakatan Rakyat is a partnership which has been established after the electoral success in the March 2009 Parliamentary and State Elections. The contours of the relationship has been in a state of flux.

Each of the Partners, that is, the PKR,DAP and the PAS have differing ideologies. The PKR projects a multi-racial concept. The DAP professes to promote secularism. Whilst PAS consist predominantly of ethnic Malays which rightly or wrongly places great emphasis on religion.

No matter what may be the political agenda of each of the Pakatan component parties, they have to get their act together as the Federal Constitution provides for a “SECULAR” state. This translates to the fact that under the Constitution all persons are equal and there shall be no discrimination on the grounds only of religion, race or the establishing or carrying on of any trade, business, profession, vocation  or employment

For a better part of the 52 years of Barisan National’s rule, they have grossly  violated the rights of the non-ethnic Malay Communities. The non ethnic Malays have been tolerant,  Finally with the lessons Anuar had learned during his long period of incarceration at Sungai Buloh Prison he decided to form a pact with DAP and PAS that became a beacon to the nation.

We as a nation of pragmatic people do realize that when ever there is interaction between people, especially in a situation where we  are a diverse group of people, there is bound to be disagreement. But as Leaders who claim that they are different from the Barisan National style of leadership, the Pakatan Leaders for all that matters should learn to “agree to disagree” based on the spirit of the Principles as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

The general populace is tired of the excessive propaganda published be the main stream spineless print and broadcast media.

We do not want the Pakatan Members of Parliament or State Assembly men to turn a storm in a tea spoon into a news article. As they say, where there is no smoke there is no fire.

May we the people upon whom you depend for the votes, send you Leaders a clear and distinct message. Religion is not a “BREAD AND BUTTER ISSUE”  so do not make a nuisance of your self.

We voted for a change. You in the Pakatan component parties have at least obtained about 52% of the general votes cast. You may not be the Federal Government,YET. But 5 States were under your control, with one that is in “ limbo”

We as a people require you leaders to develop with genuine cooperation your endogenous capacity during this period and also to experiment on ways to build capacity in your leadership qualities which will put you in good stead for you to take over the Federal Government and all the State Governments in the not too distant future.

The capacity that you should focus on, is to building from within the Pakatan in areas such as, good governance, how to have sustainable economic growth, bread and butter issues related to a secure employment or employment creation, how to over time to manage and reduce poverty, how to improve the peoples connectivity to the environment which will eventually enhance the quality of life and how to remove hard laws like the ISA, the Printing and Press Publications Act and other hard Laws which have gone past their child bearing age.

You as leaders should also start to focus and not lose sight of the fact that the livelihood of the poor to large degree depends on your wise decisions on how you intend to use the natural resources that this Nation has been bestowed with.

The Barisan National Government has created a great deal of social injustice and inequity. We expect the Pakatan component parties to play a role in alleviating poverty.

As much as we know the rich will get richer, it is incumbent upon any leaders who aspire to Govern to formulate proper education policies and at the same time to have the political will to formulate policies that go beyond bread and butter issues.

As  Anuar says all Pakatan leaders must recognize the need to have self-imposed restraint and should tamper their speech and actions with prudence.

You have to remember that the current political environment goes beyond bread and butter issues. It is about Justice, Equality, Civil society, Transparency, Accountability, Competency and Good Governance.

If you cannot shape up, get out as the prevalence of your old mindset would be a formidable obstacle to the success of the Pakatan component parties.



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