The news that is published by the main stream and broadcast media is currently being focused on all forms of trivial issues of what is going on  within the PR partnership. The news is clearly centered on the same old things that have and are still happening  in UMNO and its component parties like the MCA,MIC,PPP and the GERAKAN.

The only difference is that now all these old things which are not news worthy are being given great attention and  prominence as though it is something great or grievously affecting the continued existence of the PR partnership.

At the face value when the general reading public read such news, they may get  convinced or may form an opinion or may be encouraged to come to the conclusion that something is not right with the PR partnership.

But when we as citizens of this country put on our thinking cap, and move on to other forms of the broadcast media, such as, the RTM1,RTM2 , TV3 or TV7 we would not find it difficult to conclude that there seems to be a concerted effort being made to only discredit the PR partnership in the eyes of the society at large.

Contrary to what the main stream print and broadcast media project about the PR partnership, the Alternate media projects a damming picture with photographic evidence on certain issues as to how the Government of Najib is utilizing the various Governmental Institutions to support its cause to stay in power and how the powers of these Institutions are being absolutely and completely abused.

The people have made their choice on 08.03.2008 and they want “CHANGE”.

The Leaders of PKR,DAP and PAS should realize that for about 52 years of working on their own they achieved very little success. But just by co-operating without selling their aims and objects, they for the first time in our history deprived the BN Government from having a two third majority in Parliament.

We as a people of this Nation know that the PR partnership have a formidable task ahead of them, to remove the almost moribund BN and its component parties from power.

We are also aware that as from 08.03.2008 we are not going to turn back the clock. Our urge for a just society which is blind to colour, race and religion and for the upholding of a just, equitable and civil society is at the cross-road and the desired change can be attained. This will come to fruition  if only all the Leaders in PKR, DAP and PAS are genuinely prepared to carry the cross for change and abandon their dogmatic aims and objects and work within the framework of compromise. This compromise will ultimately translate into unity and solidify the peoples support  for the just cause they project publicly which over a period of time will gain recognition and cognizance of the people.

Let all of us commit ourselves to the facts that the main stream print and broadcast will so long as they  love to be the favourate child of the BN and its component parties, will continue to publish news without substance, but news to fill the pages.

As Anuar has stated that “ the feuding in Pakatan components and the inter-party quarrels are part of a society’s attempts to become more democratic by freeing itself from the long rule of Barisan National.”

On the trivial issues highlighted by the main stream print and broadcast media, Anuar states, “ A certain amount of disorder is inevitable but we must realize that the practice of democracy entails recognition of self-imposed restraints like tempering speech and action with prudence.”

Pakatan components politicians should now get the message loud and clear. This is something which we all do naturally as human beings. If not there would be chaos in any society. For the good of the Nation and the future, all PR politicians SHOULD STRICTLY HAVE A SELF-IMPOSED RESTRAINT AND TEMPER THEIR SPEECH AND ACTION WITH PRUDENCE.

If any of them do not know how to do it and feel the greatness of their self-importance, then they could learn to lower or eradicate such “feelings” by taking a walk through the cemetery and such self-importance will quickly be squelched.

This act of self-imposed restraint of all Pakatan components must be done at all costs to place the main stream print and broadcast media, as being the shadow of UMNO.



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