The action of the Government, is a good food for thought. When the people go to the polls, and when reminded of the police acts and conduct, it might play a great part, in who they vote for. This is the biggest mistake Najib’s Government is doing to itself.

By the acts and conduct of the police, they are basically destroying any threshold of support that may exist for the Government, and bring it to naught.

This will give the PR and all its supporters a better opportunity to convince, nature, exemplify and galvanize the support they require to obtain the mandate of the people to form the next Federal Government.

The ISA has gone way past its child bearing age. So why is Najib so keen to review such an Act and not repeal it. It appears that its Najib who is intellectually arrogant and not the people who want to show the world that they are governed by Acts which are redundant.

This demonstration by the people and the action by the police would clearly fall within the realms of what Abraham Lincoln said, that is: ” He who molds the public sentiment…..makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to make.”

Najib, the time has arrived for you and your spin doctors to realise that even your villages do not any further have any trust in you and your Government. So how do you intend to promote and sell your morally defunct ideology to the urban voting populace.

Its time that you move a Motion in Parliament to see whether you enjoy the confidence of the people.


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  1. boscopa Says:

    Yes, I am

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