The headlines in the Star Publication on 01.08.2009 blares “ WHY MARCH?”

Then comes into action the police force which is financed wholly by the tax payer,

who indiscriminately take drastic action on a peaceful demonstration and arrest and detain people for no apparent cause.

From the time Najib came into the limelight on being appointed as the head of an almost moribund UMNO and subsequently appointed as the Prime Minister, he has not been able to propagate or disseminate any policy which had a progression of intimacy with the masses. What ever policies conceived by his spin doctors which were subsequently published by the main stream media never ceased to code the inequality of najib’s status as the Prime Minister of this Nation we call as Malaysia, when taken with the leadership of the PR leaders.

The reason could be that any person who as a leader creates a Concept to dignify his leadership and fails to uphold the fundamental principles as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, is a FOOL of the highest order. This is owing to the fact that he does not understand the fact that when any leader deals with a community like the likes of a diverse group of people there cannot be any form of expectation of being accepted as intimate equals as he does not cerate with his superior position any form of solidarity.

On the contrary we have and see in Anuar Ibrahim a person who takes on his role as a leader not on the basis of status opposition leader, but one that favours the taking of “risk” for the attainment of a just, equal  and a civil society, hopefully. This can be termed as solidarity.

Therefore, the masses are prepared to support the PR and its component parties comprising the PKR, DAP and PAS. Whilst we know that there are many factors that can cause the influence amongst these parties to be unequally divided amongst the followers of these component parties, there appears to be one outstanding feature, that is, that Anuar is notably more influential than the others as a leader.

Whilst Najib is more like an Administrator, Anuar projects the image of a phenomenon of leadership. This is the stark difference between Anuar and Najib. This is why the people are now more supportive of the PR and its component parties.

That is why we think that Najib is not a leader but a headship of the Royal Malaysian Police Force(RMPF).

It is time for the people to send a clear massage with today’s demonstration that Najib’s  antics as the headship of  RMPF will no longer be tolerated by the people, as he can be dispensed with at any time. We need and recognise Anuar as a Formal Leader as Anuar does not project an image like Najib  who looks like a man but does not behave like a man and he may be a  “ Nomadic Anthropoid.”

With today’s demonstration we the people have to some degree ably mastered all forms of adversity. Tomorrow will be the beginning of more changes to come. Just stay united.



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