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August 30, 2009


  1. The debate of teaching Malaysians in English has been going on  for some twenty five years or more. Why is this so, is because the people have by the doctrine of recognition elected into office politicians. They have vested their trust and confidence in these men and women to manage the affairs of the nation, in the peoples, interest and for their future well being, in GENERAL. This is especially important in the current emerging borderless world of acquiring knowledge and being able to compete in all spheres of human endeavour.
  1. Upon being elected, and based on the Constitution, a       Government is established, which is recognised by the people. The Government therefore upon being recognised by the people, obtains the doctrine of mandate, to plan, formulate policies and implement these policies for the advancement of the nation and in the peoples, interest.
  1. It is not worth repeating, that we are a nation of diverse people. Every person born of a man and woman’s unity of existence, would for the first six years of life learn his mother tongue, which would be his first language.
  1. From the seventh year onwards he begins his schooling life. Education is to mould and prepare the individual for a station in life, based on his capabilities. No teacher in the world can make a student who refuses to study or take up a challenge, to do otherwise, as it is the individual, who has to persevere and be determined, to attain his goals, in life.
  1. Having had said that, we all know that to study and understand a language, it can be done in a few months.
  1. So why are our political leaders in Government showing a behaviour as though they have been born with a congenital defect after being given the doctrine of the mandate to manage our affairs, when under Article 12(1) of the Constitution  it provides:

“ Without PREJUDICE to the generality of Article 8, there SHALL be no DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ANY CITIZEN on grounds only of religion, race, descent or place of  birth”:-

  1. The Constitution makes it clear and precise. No discrimination. So why is there, this on going DEBATE about the teaching of Maths and Science in English? Why not have all the SUBJECTS IN ENGLISH? HAVE ONE ELECTIVE SUBJECT FOR THE MOTHER TONGUE!! Are we having a nation of political leaders who can only exhibit first class stupidity? Are our Leaders unable or capable of drawing a distinction between “ teaching a language” and formulating adequate policies for the “ establishment of a sound Education System”.?
  1. We do not need LEADERS who play to the gallery. What we as a nation of people, need, is that the leaders formulate their education policies WITHONT A SUBJECTIVE THOUGHT. They should implement their policies without feelings, as this is a nation of DIVERSE PEOPLE.
  1. If you have to make policies based on feelings, it would be for the long term destruction of the majorities interest. This will only result  in giving in to the actions of extremist, fanatics, political opportunist and people with an agenda of their own. Then it would not be wrong to conclude, that we  have vested our trust and confidence in Charlatans.

10.  We recognise, that as leaders of a nation of diverse people, you have a formidable task, But you have accepted the challenge. So stop being FEEBLE minded.

11.  It is not a difficult task. In the first place UMNO politicians conceived and created this situation of having all subjects taught in school, to be in the National Language.

12. What is so big about a LANGUAGE, when it can be learnt in a few months? What did you achieve? NOTHING!!!

13. Therefore, before your diabolical acts and conduct, completely destroy the little remaining trust and confidence the people have in the BN Government, it would be best that you as Leaders “ SEPARATE THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF” and in case you do not understand it, it simply means, “ SEPARATE LANGUAGE FROM THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEM”

14. Finally, in any society, only 1% or less of the productive population, would come within  the high achievers group. The next 19% would be within the middle and upper middle class. The next 60% would fall into the average income group. The next 19% would fall somewhere between and below the average income group and the under privileged or those classified as poor. And the last 1% or so would constitute, as the hard core poor, who live below the poverty line.

15.  As a concluding point, if you as leaders are unable to make a distinction between the importance of a mother tongue as a language, and what is required in a sound and acceptable education system, and you turn it into a political issue, you are just as good as idiots. Maybe that could have been the cause of making the nonsensical announcement sometime ago that the Government is going to create or strive to make its people to obtain 100,000 Ph.D holders within a set time frame. THE WORLD MUST HAVE HAD A GOOD LAUGH.

16.  What, each and every parent requires is a sound and established education system in ENGLISH, which co-exist with the students being given the option to enrol in any other language classes. The Government does not have to baby sit our children, as we pay the taxes, and we know how to bring up our children.




August 30, 2009

Nobody has to think philosophically as to what the term “RULE OF LAW” implies. We live in a Nation that has a written Constitution.  Article 4 of the Constitution states that the Constitution is the Supreme law of this Nation where it imposes restriction on banishment and the freedom of movement as provided for under Article 9(2) and subject to restrictions as provided for under Article 10(2) relating to the right to freedom of speech and expression. These rights are restricted as would be deemed necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation.

By Article 140 the Police Force Commission is established. And by Article 140(4) the King may designate as special posts the posts of Inspector General of Police and other positions of similar or superior status.

It is of common knowledge that other than the Constitution which states what are our rights, all other Laws promulgated by Parliament basically provide for provisions of what we are expected not to do. Consequently, when we run foul of the law, the law has to be upheld at all costs and not on the basis of selective prosecution.

The Police Force have three main Statutes, to rely upon to perform their duties effectively. The Police Act provides for their duties and responsibilities. Whilst the Criminal Procedure Code provides for the manner in which they are required to act which has to be read together with the Penal Code.

It is an established fact of life, that all persons are presumed to know the law. And that is why, no person who has run foul of the law can claim that he was not aware the law existed. That is why there is no law that tells us what we can do.

Now, coming to what happened on Friday the 28.08.2009 and referring to the barbaric acts and misconduct carried out by some 50 persons who claim to be residents of Section 23 at Shah Alam, we wonder, how were these demonstrators permitted, in broad daylight to walk unhindered by the police force for some 300 meters with the head severed from a cow. The other astonishing fact is that these barbarians carried out this dastardly act immediately after completing their Friday Prayers in the fasting month, in accordance with their observance of their religious obligations.

The decorum of man is by nature, to be tolerant. That is why it is more often than not stated that man is destined by nature to be tolerant and would only breach the invisible thin line of etiquette, that is, the conventional rules of social behaviour, only, when he is dispossessed of his right to by illegal means, and even at that state of mind he cannot take the law into his own hands.

So, what was the cause for this barbaric re action.  As widely reported in the various main stream media and the alternative media, these barbarians were unhappy with the decision of the Selangor State Government in relocating a Hindu Temple to be located around the vicinity of their neighbourhood. The reason advanced was outrageous and shocking. They claim that their neighbourhood is a majority, Muslim neighbourhood and as such the State Government should not have given the approval for the relocation of the temple.

What is even more bewildering is the fact that there were dozens of policemen at the scene who had given their tacit approval to the barbaric acts and conduct of these men and it is clear that the police force was equally guilty and had perpetrated in the crime of these barbarians.

Another fact that is viewed with astonishment, is that the Inspector General of the Police and the Chief Police Officer of Selangor did not take any action whatsoever. It had to take the Prime Prime  Minister to instruct the Inspector General of the Police to investigate the matter.

What is there to investigate, when what had transpired was caught on video and within minutes had been posted all over the internet, and now known, worldwide. The Seditious speech given by certain of the barbarians is loud and clear. They even threatened, that blood will flow, to obtain their objective.

A self appointed spokesman for the ILLEGAL DEMONSTRATORS, Mahyuddin  stressed,  that he was not a racist.(Malaysiakini 28.08.2009) He inter alia stated:

“From the onset, I gave importance to religious sensitivities. I want unity. We are not against the temple, we just do not want it to be built in a Muslim majority area.” This statement is incomprehensible to all right thinking people.

What will perpetually be in our minds was the manner in which the demonstrators’  carried out their despotic acts of notoriety when they took along a  blood-soaked cow’s head and paraded with it, with some of the protesters stomping and spitting on it. They were fully aware that the cow is considered sacred to Hindus.

The barbarians can be easily identified from the video recording. Why have they not been arrested and kept in remand, to carry out the required investigations.

On the other hand some months ago the Officer in Charge of the Brickfields Police Station did act like a mad man or more akin to that of a barbarian when he arrested a group of peaceful passive protesters carrying out a candle light vigil on the death of democracy. He even arrested Lawyers on Duty, who were there to advice their clients’

Then we had the arrest and detention of Thresa Kok under the Internal Security Act(ISA) based on a false police report made against her. A Chinese News Paper Reporter was arrested under the ISA for reporting a statement made by a politician, and based on public outcry was released within 24 hours, on a statement that she was arrested for her own SAFETY.

Now we are wondering, as to what is the nature of reality. We also wonder whether the police force only arrest people who are of the ethnic origin of Chinese or Indians on frivolous issues. Or is there a hidden agenda which has been hatched by the authorities to take no action when the people of the ethnic origin of Malays carry out barbaric acts. Or have the authorities given their tacit consent for such dastardly acts to be perpetrated, to test the reaction of the other races, tolerance level.

It is about time that the Government stop dreaming to take over the State Governments they lost on March 8 of 2008. It is also time to stop playing politics, which to us seems to be at an immature level. Please concentrate on formulating proper policies on Education, Health, the Economy, and a host of other issues which affects our daily needs.

We have to make it clear with total abstinence of false politeness that the RULE OF LAW has to be upheld without bias against anyone irrespective of their race, colour, religion or creed. If the enforcement officers are going to be selective in their prosecution and do not prosecute the political powerful like Toyo the Dentist or many others who abuse and misuse their powers, like in the glaring case of the last Friday’s Barbarians acts and conduct, we will not stand for it any longer.

When the time does come and the people decisively conclude, that the Rule of Law has been bastardized, they will inevitably find their own remedy. It will be too late in the hour for the Government to realize and to discover that the people are deaf and dumb and that they out rightly reject or are unable or refuse to hear the voice of reason. At that stage you will not be able to preach any more and there will be anarchy.



August 29, 2009

Even in ancient times men lived and maintained some form of decorum with the neighbours in the community in which they lived. So was the case during the middle ages. This form of decorum is, a seemliness nature of man. That is why it is more often than not stated that man is destined by nature to be tolerant and would only breach the invisible thin line of etiquette, that is, the conventional rules of social behaviour, only, when he is dispossessed of his right to by illegal means.

Even when faced with such a situation, in this modern day of civilization there are well established Institutions that have been set in place to which a report can be lodged to address such grievance. If he is not satisfied with the decision that has been made, he can as well move the matter before the Courts.

Faced with such a daunting situation, he may be compelled to stand up and protect his rights. The question is, in what form can he do so in this day and age, where every form of man’s conduct in a public place could be easily captured on video and posted on the internet, as in this case in Malaysiakini.

The reason this issue of man’s right to carry out a course of action as he so desires is raised, is owing to the fact that man is required by any civil society, not to be belligerent in nature. Such acts and conduct should be executed within the confines of the established conventional rules of social behaviour and through the established Institutions or else, there will be anarchy.

So now comes the purpose and the crux of this Article.

On 28.08.2009 some 50 residents of Section 23 of Shah Alam after their FRIDAY PRAYERS staged a violent demonstration by walking for some 300 meters to the State Secretariat Building, carrying the severed head of a cow, which is considered sacred to those who profess Hinduism.

When one watches the video on Malaysiakini, one would be rendered speechless and left to wonder, WHERE WAS THE SUPER EFFICIENT POLICE.

These BARBARIANS were given free reign or an unrecorded permit by the Royal Malaysian Police Force to do what ever their SOUL permitted or prompted them to do.


Be that as it may, Article 11 of the Federal Constitution provides that every person has the right to profess and practice his religion.

The issue is that the residents of Section 23 are opposed to the decision of the State Government relocating a HINDU TEMPLE from its current location to Section 23. A self appointed spokesman for the ILLEGAL DEMONSTRATORS, Mahyuddin  stressed that he was not a racist.(Malaysiakini 28.08.2009) He inter alia stated:

“From the onset, I gave importance to religious sensitivities. I want unity. We are not against the temple, we just do not want it to be built in a Muslim majority area.”

Does not this extremist and an idiot of the highest order ever understand, his own statement. Does this IDIOT not realise, that all land in the State is owned by the State and he lives on a LEASED piece of the State land. So does it apply to every citizen of the country who either, live on a leasehold or freehold piece of land.

Which part of the Federal or State Constitution is this idiot referring to, when he states, “we just do not want it to be built in a Muslim majority area” and from where did he obtain such a high authority to make that frivolous statement. Najib should nib this in the bud and the police authorities should arrest all these idiots and charge them in Court

What is the Attorney-General’s Chambers waiting for? They should initiate criminal proceedings and charge these idiots under Sections 298 and 298 (A) of the Penal Code read together with Article 11 of the Federal Constitution. Further Section 298 of the Code relates to the offence of uttering words of such a nature with the deliberate intent to wound religious feelings while Section 298 (A) is related to the offence of causing disharmony and to disturb the peace.

What is indeed more disgusting is to be of the realization that it has now been confirmed beyond doubt, that Najib is the Commander in Chief of the police force. They only act when Najib says so. As the SPINLESS Star Publication at page 25 of the 29.08.2009 issue reports, “ Najib Tun Razak has asked the Inspector General…to investigate a protest by a group against a proposed relocation of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam.”

On the other hand, Jayakumar a State Executive Councilor has stated,( Malaysiakini 28.08.2009) “The police didn’t stop anybody. The police should have arrested them and charged them for inciting hatred,” he said, adding that he could tolerate with “ethical” demonstrations.

Before the time of Jesus Christ and the coming of Prophet Muhammed the people did not have the idea of God. The earliest people believed in numerous gods. They had hundreds of gods, such as, the god of the tree, rivers, winds, the sky and the earth and so forth. Now there is a more orderly form of belief. That is why the Holy Qur’an in AL-Muminun, or The Believers, verse 91 states:

“ No son did Allah beget, nor is there any god alone with him: (if there were many gods), behold, each god would have taken away what he had created, and some would have lorded it over others! Glory to Allah!(He is free) from the (sort of) things they attribute to him!

And consequently if we are civilized, we should realize that religion is a way of life. Hence, there is ONLY ONE GOD but we profess our faith in his existence in our chosen way, which has to be respected, observed and honoured by one and all in a civilized society to live in harmony.

This is the fasting period for those who profess the Muslim Faith. Further every Friday the Muslim men are required to observe their religious obligations. We can safely presume that all people go to the Mosque or the Church or the Temple to pray for divine guidance or intervention in their life or whatever the case maybe.


If that is the case EVERY BANK ROBBER OR RAPIST would do so on a Friday, and when caught in the act would claim in his defense, that after Friday prayer’s he was guided to act on divine intervention. This argument would be considered as utter nonsense. The same reasoning should be applicable to the BARBARIANS who claim to live in a Muslim majority area.

The QUESTION is why have these BARBARIANS not been ARRESTED under the Internal Security Act and then charged in Court? Are they not a treat to the security of the Nation? Or is their act and conduct considered by the Kris swinging Home Minister as honourable?

Some months ago people carrying out a passive candle light resistance were arrested by the police and maybe, were charged in Court.

The police authorities should not waste any more time. The house of worship did not unleash these DEMONS from its den. These morally bankrupt barbarians have carefully planed their actions. Further, they by placing their shoes on the  severed head of the cow were only inviting the Hindus to retaliate. This would have given Najib and his henchmen the opportunity to act.

We are more tolerant than these barbarians think. We do not have to react. We know that even if the Government does not instill order, divine providence would play its part as there is only one SUPER NATURAL BEING but we go to him our separate ways, and these barbarians are doomed.


August 27, 2009

Malaya as a nation attained Independence from its Colonial Masters on 31.08.1957. The chapter of a new beginning was before us. At that stage, for reasons best known to our founding fathers, there was an official grouping known as the Alliance Party. It constituted, the United Malay National Organization(UMNO), the Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) and the Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC).

Long before Independence, the ethnic Chinese and Indians had mingled with the ethnic Malays and this Nation had seen unobstructed development, both as a trading Nation and with the setting in place of proper and adequate Governmental Institutions. Our forefathers only had to build on and improve the administration of the nation, for the betterment of the society at large, with the Institutions that were already in place.

Subsequently, on 16.09.1963 Malaya, Singapore,  Sabah and Sarawak were united into a common fold and this political entity was known as Malaysia. Two years latter Singapore left the fold and became an Independent City state. Now known as “BRAND” Singapore made in Malaysia.

From 1963 up to 2008 this nation has been dominated by racial politics. Sometime in the 1980’s the so called Barisan National was born. This formal grouping consisted of mainly the UMNO, the MCA, the MIC, GERAKAN, the Peoples Progressive Party and various Native or Tribal based parties from Sabah and Sarawak.

It was of open knowledge and of no secret that every aspiring politician was down right a RACIST. The opposition parties at that period of time were no angles. They too were down right, RACIST and they were the Democratic Action Party(DAP) and the Pan Islamic Party(PAS). There were  few other parties which were insignificant.

The turning point came in 1998, when Anwar who was the Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister in waiting, who was also the Deputy President of UMNO,  was unceremoniously sacked by Mahathir under some fictitious criminal charges leveled against him.

This situation gave birth to a new movement, whilst Anwar was incarcerated for about 6 years. It is aptly called, “the reformasi movement.” Anwar can in no clear terms be called an angle, as he had actively participated in the racial political scenario from the time he joined UMNO sometime in 1983 and stayed in there, until he was sacked in 1998.

Anwar, we believe learnt that, in life,one has to encounter adversity with persistence and determination, as it is said to be omnipotent. He may also have had the opportunity during his long period of incarceration to reflect upon his past activities, and realized that life’s greatest or deepest lessons are more often learned when one least expects it. This must have been his turning point. As they say, “ Tragedy is the author of hope. Crisis brings us face to face with our soul.”

Thus after he was successful in his Appeal on his conviction, he made his return into the highways of politics. He was elected as a Member of Parliament, based on a Noble decision and sacrifice made by his wife, who had under very trying circumstances, held the fort, in his absence.

Now that we have since March 8 of 2008 seen the dawn of a new awakening in our political road map, we can look forward with “HOPE” that as a nation of tolerant people, our social fabric which is made up of diverse cultures and religions,  would be able to face any crisis diabolically conceived and executed by morally bankrupt and intellectually dishonest and arrogant, Barisan National Government.

We are a mature society. We do not subscribe to the school of thought of creating or causing a revolution. We know that the “BALLOT” is more powerful than any bullet made by man. We have our native intelligence and our acquired intelligence which we will apply, with reason and wisdom, to bring about change, by evolution.

We also realize, that the Administration of the Federal Government and the respective State Governments are not issues that merely deal with the law of averages, to resolve problems that are bound to arise.

We are also aware as “CUSTOMERS” of the Government services provided,  all these years by the Barisan National Government, as to how incompetent the various Institutions are, from the Royal Malaysian Police Force, Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission, the other Civil Services and Local Authorities, the Judiciary and a host of other institutions which shall include the Government Linked Corporations.

Then there is a total failure of transparency, accountability and competency. This has led to wide scale corruption, where the tax payer’s money is siphoned off by rogues and scoundrels in the name of development.

All these unethical practices were institutionalized by non other than that man known as Mahathir.

Now, after 7 by elections have taken place, it is indeed quite settled that even though the issue of racial identity has not lost its “FORTE” amongst the Barisan National Component Parties, the Pekatan Rakyat which comprises of the PKR, DAP and PAS have been able to demonstrate that they can work as a team and surmount any challenge put up by UMNO, and the moribund MCA and  the MIC.

We are fully aware that there are some mistakes being made by some of the PKR elected representatives. This may appear to favour the Barisan National.

But on the other hand the Barisan Government has carried out many dealings. Some have come out into the open, like the Port Klang Free Zone scandal. This was not a mere coincidence or something done with stupidity. It was planned with brilliance. But the political tsunami of March 8 burst the bubble.

With the lessons learned by Anwar, and with the current cooperation within the Pekatan Rakyat we can only hope that our leaders will no longer take  the path of racialism and embark on the path of Nationalism and bring to realization for all persons in Malaysia regardless of colour, race, religion or creed to enjoy all the achievements of a meritocracy. That will ensue that Malaysia becomes a modern civilization. This will definitely make the peoples physical existence much more easier, and the people will know what to do when the next time they go to cast their votes at the ballot box.

Under these prevailing circumstances we have not past the “GUARD POST” of racial politics, but the winds of change are definitely blowing in the right direction, for the present. And we hope against hope that our leaders will lead with a soul.


August 24, 2009

In the 52 years since the outset of this Nation’s Independence we as a diverse Nation of differing cultures, religion and of different ethnic origin, have only faced one major PLANED racial violence.

This is an established fact. The cause of the violence, was directed and carefully engineered by the ruling party in power. The incident did not in anyway occur spontaneously.

The Malay capitalist class wanted to ensue the rise and entrenchment of the New Economic Policy. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman has alleged that, “ You know Harun was one of those-Harun, Mahathir, Ghazali Shafie—who were all working with Razak to oust me,to take over my place…” This Quote is taken from the Book entitled May 13 by Kua Kia Soong.

At that time when the riots broke out some of the leaders first caused a coup d etat to replace the Tunku as the Prime Minister of the Government of the day. A state of emergency was proclaimed and a  National Operations Council was established, which was headed by non other than Najib’s father the late Razak.

What ever happened at that period of time is now history. But the rational for drawing a parallel once again to what is now history is only to caste  a shadow over the never ending non worthy news being published by the main stream print and broadcast media.

All forms of trivial internal problems faced by the Parti Kadilan Rakyat, the Democratic Action Party and the Islamic Party known as PAS are given prominence by these spineless human robots, in reporting the news. But we as a people have not lost our native intelligence and also our acquired intelligence to see and realize that once again an “indirect coup d etat is being engineered by Najib to destabilize the State Administrations, First in Perak, and now in Kedah, Selangor Penang and Kelantan.

Like the Adam Smith’s invisible hand theory which we studied in economics, that regulates supply and demand to bring about the price to the equilibrium point, here we have Najib being the chip of the old block, passively once again using his invisible hands and endeavours to destabilize the Opposition Parties who have in a rush appointed some dubious and highly questionable characters to stand for election under their respective parties ticket, and by the March 8 tsunami, these opportunist were elected into office.

Anwar and the other opposition leaders have mirrored this National anxiety of the people and are demonstrating their courage to weed out these opportunist from their respective parties, for the general good of creating a civil, just and democratic society.

Whilst the opposition is attempting to purge itself of these opportunist, we have  intellectually bankrupt, dishonest, arrogant and plainly, morally defunct National Leaders from the Barisan National camp who are entrancing these dubious characters or opportunist to join their party or support the Barisan National to destabilize our Elected State Governments.

For 52 years the Barisan Government and the leaders have raped our Treasury. They have ‘Built Palaces” and had not known, what was velvet but now sleep on it and clothed themselves with it, amongst other extravagant spoils, of which they do not know how to appreciate, and this is not an exaggeration.

Take for example the pictures circulating on the internet, about Toyo’s Mansion, Mukzir Mansion and to top it all the “AIR CONDITIONED” DOG HOUSES for Samy Veloo’s dogs. Remember this chap Samy started of as an office boy and now his dogs have air conditioned kennels. This is the vertical heights of the abuse of wealth, which has not been genuinely earned but raped from the people’s treasury.

When we drive down from Perils to Johore we can easily notice the staked and abject poverty of our people regardless of ethnic origin. Some live in such squalor that we sometimes wonder what has become of our Nation which is blessed with  abundance of natural resources.

We cannot for a moment allow  the Barisan Leaders to take the upper hand of what is unfurling within the Pekatan Rakyat. Neither can we let down our support for the Pekatan Rakyat. If the Barisan Leadership wants to make a miscalculation of our dynamism for CHANGE let them do so at their own risk.

But if the Barisan National by unethical means goes ahead to do what it did in Perak, then they better be forewarned that the civil activist of today will no longer be reluctant to take significant risks for the sake of equality, civility and the creation of a truly democratic society.

As Einstein once remarked, and we Quote, “ I’m enough of artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Unquote.

Barisan National, should also heed the other remark made be Einstein to Upton Sinclair, that is,

“ The day will inevitably come when you will discover that the people are deaf and dumb so that they cannot hear the voice of reason.”

Remember the year 2009 is not 1969, where the Government made an absolute mockery of the peoples knowledge. Now, it is not only acquired knowledge with native intelligence at play but also our imagination which encircles the world. We have a changed mindset, and can see through the cause of the prevailing problems.


August 23, 2009

In all nations, there exist a great tendency and focus is being placed in regard to education. Education is seen as the natural way of preparing any child for his or her future to ensue that the child, when he or she enter the employment market will and is prepared to face the realities of adulthood. The rewards and the type of jobs or positions they secure would eventually commensurate with their educational achievements.

When one is a child the parents take on the responsibility of grooming the child with the aid of some form of educational material. These material may come in the from of  poems and rhymes. These obligations are executed from the infancy of a child to the stage when the child may be sent to a kindergarten. Thereafter, the child may be enlisted into a Public or a Private school, which depends on the parent’s status in society.

The child would then go through a period of education which lasts 11 years. Thereafter, depending on the educational achievement the young adult would proceed the pre-university examination and on being successful in achieving the established grade, becomes an under graduate in any one of the discipline,  of the chosen course of study.

The other adult’s who do not perform well, would seek employment of a general nature which does not require any specific skill. These are the people who would fall into the category of what Thomas Henry Hwdey  said:

“ Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.”

For those who succeed and move on to become under graduates and there after do proceed to attain their Masters Degree or even a Ph.D. which could be a Doctorate in Philosophy or whatsoever is issued, by the issuing authority, it would only reflect the achievement of the effort and time that was devoted to that field of study. Here the words of Tryon Edwards would be applicable, as he said:

“ The great end of education is to discipline rather than to furnish the mind to train it to the use of its own powers, rather than fill it with the accumulation of others.”

Whatever the standard of education a person may achieve, in the world of today, it comes with a twin objective. Some may take education for a living. Others may take on education for the purpose of making a living.

And there are others who are more akin to be compared to that of an  “hippopotamus” where they diabolically obtain dubious or sham Degrees from dubious institutions of higher learning. And we cannot leave out those who do not qualify to gain entry into local universities, on merits, but because of the Government’s Quota System, gain entry.

These are the people who will never realize what Bertrand Russell once famously remarked, when he said: “ Ones certainty varies inversely with ones knowledge.”

These sham degree holders fail to realize that education is a life long learning process. Education maybe like the term in physics, is in a state of “ FLUX” and as a consequence education is a progressive discovery  of our own ignorance. Being charlatans, they will never realize, this fact.

How on earth do these sham Degree holders masquerade in official circles their highly questionable resumes as public figures or as Civil Servants and now claim that they were unaware of the “Dubious Institution” when such prevailing situations are made public?

How is it that the authorities are unaware of such prevailing sham, acts and conduct which has been going on for a very long time?

These are not new situations in Malaysia. Some 2 decades ago a chap by the namely, Elias Omar or so who was the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur City Hall was the holder of a sham Ph. D. Degree. And since then up to the present there may be a few thousands who are masquerading with such sham degrees and providing services to unsuspecting clients or to the society at large


These are the pseudo intellectuals or charlatans who do not  know the difference between what is the port of “Rotterdam” and a child claiming that his sibling stole his candy bar and hopes the sibling gets “Rotterdam Teeth.”

When being put on notice of the acts of these individuals and others like them, as created by the Government, it makes us wonder that, maybe these charlatans do not have a sound mind, but just matter. That may be the reason that their mind is not able to exalt over the realms of their body matter.

If only these charlatans had taken time to observe the principles of mother nature AT WORK and how it works in an “ACORN” which is matter, which eventually becomes an “OAK TREE” and the many uses it is put into, they may not have deviated to such a low path to building their “CHARACTER.” Which in any event serves very little useful purpose.

They have failed to realize that from days gone bye man by his acts is a measure of all things and that “virtue” is knowledge. They  have failed to recognize the fact as stated by Bertrand Russell that “ We can only be certain of things we know by direct acquaintance.” But they took a short cut, and chose to become, charlatans. This fact also applies to our local University Graduates.

As Ahmad Sarji  in the book entitled “ Attaining Eminence” written by Lim Chang Moh, at page 218 states:

“ Decades ago, before preferential entry was introduced, entry into university was strictly on merit. We had to compete on equal terms with the best. This was reflected in the quality of the people employed by the Government during my time,” he was quoted as saying in Graduan magazine in early 2008. “ But today, many students can enter local universities with the minimum of  requirements. Coasting their way through the undergraduate years, passing with the barest of margins, they expect to get good jobs with their low passing marks.”


Maybe our Government lives in “CLOUD 9” and we live on Earth, and that is why our civil society is where it is today.

In ending this Article it would be appropriate to quote what Henry Peter, Lord Brougham said on education, that is: “Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.

It is time that the Government stops dishing out paper mill degrees to fulfill the Quota Requirements and turning out highly qualified professionals who are CHARALATANS, who are just as good as the charlatans who acquire dubious degrees from sham institutions, who have no character.


August 22, 2009

Malaysia is a nation of approximately 27 million people. Maybe, fifty percent or more of the population would be below the age of 25 years. In this respect the Government has to ensure that any policy that is determined in relation to education differs from all other forms of socialization.

Whilst, education  may be for a specified time frame, that is,   from childhood until one reaches adolescence, the policies have to be regarded as a major agency of socialization.

It is imperative that the Government should not fail to be of the realization that all parents of children regardless of their social status have to regard education as a necessity. This is the only way forward of preparing their children for adult life.

The other forms of socialization which are concerned with the mutual relations that have to be maintained by living within and between communities, matters regarding health, housing, obligations to be carried out by local authorities, safety and health conditions at the workplace, match and mismatch of jobs in the employment market, remunerations offered and pension provisions for old age and a host of other needs and requirements of the community would be determined by the people through the democratic process at regular intervals. That is how Muhyiddin has been appointed to be the Education Minister.

Muhyiddin  as well as Anwar of the Parti Kadilan Rakyat cannot abruptly brush aside the opposition and concern demonstrated by a large segment of the civil society on the decision to revert to the teaching of Mathematics and Science in the National Language.

These parents have devoted a considerable potion of their time to take notice of the  child’s needs from infancy up to  through the child’s teenage years and thereafter act as a guide and financial sponsor of their child’s tertiary education.

For a single moment, do not be inclined to conclude rashly, that we are against the teaching of the National Language. As a people of this Nation the language must be learned. To muster or master the language can be achieved by one and all the students in the compulsory first nine years of education.

The Government cannot, solely take into account and consideration, the current existence of the structured social inequality, which is of its own creation. Neither can there be the excuse that the teachers are themselves, incapable of teaching in English. Nor can there be the argument made in favour of the children that come from socially disadvantaged communities that are unable meet up to the challenge of learning and acquiring their knowledge in the English Language. There are before our eyes, both in the Government, the Civil Service and in the private sector Men and Women who are a beacon of light, who have gained outstanding achievements, even though they have come from “impoverished social backgrounds.”

What is the bone of contention of most of the devoted parent’s, is the acquisition of knowledge. There can be no denial of the fact that to be able to succeed in school both the child and the parent with the moderator being the teacher have to encourage the child in a structured way on the financial rewards and the status the child would derive from obtaining adequate and recognized qualifications. The teacher should make learning and acquiring knowledge, interesting. They  should not teach, for the sake of teaching, to earn a living.

At the same time the Government must accept the fact that by lowering the standard of education to accommodate the current prevailing ethnicity divide and those from the socially impoverished background, to enable more such children to continue with their education up to the tertiary, would indeed be an exercise which is irresponsible and feeble. It would be self defeating. The resultant effect would be that  the flood gates would be opened for unemployable and mediocre or degree holders of middling quality, who would enter the employment market. Even today we already have such degree holders employed as sales assistants in shopping arcades and at fast food outlets to name a few.

There cannot be an oversight by the Government, that the distribution of employment opportunities would have be linked to the current prevailing economic conditions and future plans. It is also a fact that the distribution of occupational status and reward is determined by the educational achievements of an individual in the private sector. In the Civil Service no such measure is used. It is solely dominated by only one ethnic group, that is, of Malay Origin.

In the final analysis, if the Government continues in this manner, of making a flip flop in its education policies, it will continue to be a developing country. The highway to becoming a developed nation by 2020 would only be a bad dream, not being able to come true, as envisioned.

Only when the Government gives recognition to “MERITOCRACY” in the functioning of both in the Civil Service and the Government Linked Coporations(GLC) and truly disregards appointments based on ethnic origin,  would we see the blooming of a meritocratic society. Out of this situation would be born the condition of granting social awards which are not solely based according to the current ascribed ethnic characteristics, but based on the talent of the holder of that assigned position.

When we have educational achievements based on merit regardless of  ethnic origin, colour, religion and or class or social status and further occupational status and rewards based on the individuals academic achievements, only then can we say that we have a dream that will bring to fruition the attainment of the status of being, a developed nation.

Taking the current prevailing idiosyncrasy of Muhyiddin as the Education Minister we are amazed with his statement as reported in the Star Publication on 22.08.2009 where he has inter alia stated, “ the Federal Government wanted the country’s education system to be on par or better than those of developed nations.”

How could we be at par or better than developed nations, when even now we are far behind SINGAPORE.

To add insult to injury, Muhyiddin states,” The role of parents is also crucial as they must motivate their children to master the language as they will be competing in a world which is increasingly becoming more challenging.”

So, Muhyiddin, what language should the parents motivate their children to master?

Surely.” Not “ the National Language. So it looks like the education system is not going to prepare the Malaysian children for an adult life. But the PARENTS have to continue to do so, to ensue that their children transcend the current social obstacles and obtain the educational achievements and occupational status, they desire.


August 21, 2009

Muhyiddin has with a great deal of fan fair announced that there will no longer be a need to state the race in official forms. But the question in the minds of the people is that, in the first place there was no need whatsoever for the Government to have compelled its citizens to state their race in any official form.

This argument springs from the fact that the framers of the Federal Constitution  must have taken into account the history Malaya as it then was. There is no necessity to go into history to determine whether the issue of race played a cardinal or crucial role in the minds of the framers of our modern Constitution which has some of the features of the American Constitution. However, some may oppose this notion.

Be that as it may, the focal point to iron out the creases on this thorny issue of race and race based politics in Malaysia, is to fall back on the Constitution and see what it provides for.

Article 8 of the Federal Constitution specifically provides for “EQUALITY.” Further throughout the various Articles in the Constitution the word used is “PERSON(S) or “CITIZEN”.

So, why has the focus of the all POLITICIANS be they from the Barisan National component parties or the Opposition parties with the exception Parti Kadilan Rakyat been based on racial grounds? The answer is pure and simple. The Colonial power believed in the policy of divide and rule. The Alliance Party that negotiated and achieved Independence just adopted what their colonial masters had done. Over a period of time UMNO became dominant, and the rest is history.

As much as we all welcome this change, we are not convinced that the Government has made the announcement in good faith. This is owing to the fact that the announcement is “conditional” as the Government is “ studying a move to do away with the requirement.”

This is a clear indication that the “quality” of the announcement is highly in doubt. Therefore, the great fan fair given by the Star Publication to the announcement and the faith the people have in it is less persuasive. It seems to look like a political gimmick which comes from intellectually dishonest, arrogant and to a large extent, morally defunct leaders, who are now in a state of delirium.

We as the people of this Nation have been very tolerant over the apartheid policies implemented by the UNITED MALAY NATIONAL ORGANISATION, party over the last 52 or so years since our independence.

We have seen, all forms of rhetorical speeches and are now able  to read between the lines, the delivery of any impassioned speech. We know that beneath the declamations made by the political leaders in Government there will always be another tone. They think that they can hide behind their ill conceived illusions. But they fail to realize that with our current acquired intelligence and experience we are able to perceive that there is another vision.

We as a people of this Nation have all along had mutual respect for each other. The natural  way of our life gave the Government the opportunity to trumpet to the world that we have “unity in diversity.” They even have had the audacity to advertise to the world that “ Malaysia is truly Asia.” What the Government has failed miserably is in endeavouring to divide the people on racial lines in order for them to stay in “POWER.”

Now, since Parti Keadilan Rakyat is growing as a multi racial party, and with the Democratic Action Party and PAS following suit, the UMNO, the Malaysian Chinese Association and the Malaysian Indian Congress are becoming moribund.

The Barisan National Leaders are now being advised by their spin doctors that the longing of the people is no longer based on racial lines but on nationalistic lines. No doubt the yearning of the people for equality would not be fulfilled in the near future. We are pragmatic and understand the desire of the PKR’s effort with the DAP and PAS to work under the umbrella of the Pakatan Rakyat to at least appease our desire to live in a Nation that would to a larger extent be blind to race, religion and colour and create a level playing field for all its people to compete and get their achievement based on “meritocracy” and not one based on “MEDIOCRITY”.

So, Muhyiddin, the Government should be bold to dissolve UMNO, MCA and MIC and form one National Party to represent the people. If you mean what you say, you and Najib have to lead by example. We do not need all this fan fair of doing away with the word “RACE” in the official forms. It should not have been there in the first place, as it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

We are fully aware that what you say is not what is intended.


August 18, 2009

The Star reports that Muhyiddin has chided the Opposition for stirring up a controversy  over Rohaizat Othman who is the Barisan National candidate for Permatang Pasir.

As we all know, it is clear and beyond doubt, that Rohaizat was a member of the legal profession. The Legal Profession Act, 1976 ( Act 166) is an Act promulgated by Parliament. The title or preamble of the Act states, that  it is “ An Act to consolidate the law relating to the legal profession in Malaysia.”

Then, there is the “ Legal Profession ( Practice and Etiquette) Rules 1978” where the title or preamble states that it is, “ In the exercise of the powers conferred by section 77 of the Legal Profession Act 1976, the Bar Council makes the following rules :”

It is trite law that every Lawyer who in Malaysia is known as an Advocate & Solicitor has to make an application in the High Court to have his call moved before the Court, subject to there being no objections raised on his call, before such person is admitted to the Bar. There upon the Advocate & Solicitor is an Officer of the Court. Thereafter, in order to be in Practice the lawyer has to make an application to renew his practicing certificate on an annual basis. The High Court issues the Certificate, subject to the certification by the Bar Council.

As far as Rohaizat Othman’s status as an Advocate and Solicitor is concerned, the Bar Council has confirmed that,

“The Advocates and Solicitors Disciplinary Board struck Rohaizat Othman off the Roll of Advocates and Solicitors on 7 March 2008 after he was found guilty of misconduct.  The Disciplinary Board’s decision arose from an investigation into the complaint lodged against Rohaizat Othman by the purchaser of a piece of real property.  According to the complaint, Rohaizat Othman failed to refund almost RM 161,000 to the complainant after the transaction was aborted.”

Before we deal with the aborted transaction of Rohaizat’s client’s complaint, let us first see what Rule 16 of the “Practice and Etiquette” Rules states, it inter alia states: “….fearlessly uphold the interest of his client, the interest of justice and dignity of the profession without regard to any unpleasant consequences either to himself or to any other person.”

It is quite clear, that Rohaizat had to “ uphold the interest of his client” when the transaction had been ABORTED. The sum of RM 161,000.00 had to be refunded to the client. But he failed to do so. The client lodged a complaint. The Bar Council gave him a full hearing. Rohaizat was found guilty. He was struck off from the Rolls.

Now, does it not appear to be strange for us as right thinking people to wonder what “LAW” is this chap Muhyiddin talking about.

LAW is LAW. All laws are passed by Parliament. The “Laws” applicable to the safety of “Animals” are also Laws.

SO, Muhyiddin, have you and Najib with the concurrence of Hishamuddin “passed a new law which even Parliament is not aware of?”

Umno is now in a state of  “delirium” and they are unable to think rationally. But Muhyiddin you cannot be so stupid and show the world that you are an idiot or for that matter that UMNO is morally defunct and does not any longer have any clean soul left in the party.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, you are equally stupid. Rohaizat “ DID NOT ENCOUNTER A PROBLEM WITH THE BAR COUNCIL”

He was plainly “DISHONEST” when he did not refund the RM 161,000.00 to his client when the transaction was aborted. Rohaizat CREATED HIS OWN PROBLEMS. The client exercised his rights. The Bar Council implemented the law. Period.

So, now the UMNO wants the people to only vote “ROGUES and SCOUNDRELS to be the peoples representatives.

There are no real issues UMNO,  that you can explain to the people during the campaign period.

Rohaizat has forfeited the confidence of the people by stealing what does not belong to him. He has been given a full chance to be heard by his follow “BROTHERS” and was found guilty. Rohaizat can never again regain his respect and or his esteem in the eyes of all right thinking people. As they say,  “ once bitten, twice shy” and even a “kindergarten boy” nowadays knows that, so how about grown up people. Think about it, before you go out to explain and clarify this matter.

In a civil society every one is subject to the Rule of the Law and there is no “law” that will confirm based on our native and acquired intelligence that “Rohaizat” has been cleared to stand for Public Office.


August 17, 2009

It is pointless for the Malaysian Chinese Association members to openly display their full support for their embattled leader Ong Tee Keat. It is further a fealty display by the Star Publication to make such news hit the front page of its publication on 17.08.2009.

Why is it so? It is clearly apparent with the announcement made by Mohd Shukri Abdull of the MACC that all political investigations will be suspended, with immediate effect, that is as of 15.08.2009.

The civil society is capable of reading in between the lines, of what that statement means. Do not doubt or insult our intelligence.

On 16.07.2009 a life was stamped out over an investigation of a paltry sum of some 2000 or so Ringgit. Now we have before us unexplained expenditure which runs into the hundreds of millions as stated by Azmi Khalid the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.


And in the PKFZ evil, it will definitely be tracked back to the collective behavior of the Government.

The public sentiment on the on going malpractices prevailing in all Government Administered Institutions, needs no further introduction. Under these prevailing circumstances, we the silent observers of the civil society, have these questions to which rational answers have to be given.

They are?

Why have the Board Members of the PKFZ not been charged for negligence where Azmi Khalid states that there was no hands on approach and they, the Board did not go to the ground to find out what was happening?

Why has the MACC suspended the investigations with immediate effect and who gave the instructions?

Why have the PDRM not opened up investigations on this massive scandal which has a cost over run of a few billion Ringgit?

Why have the MACC not made an application to the High Court under the Bankers Books Evidence Act, compelling the Banks where Tiong King Sing or Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd. maintain their Banking Facilities to open up their books to public scrutiny?

Once the above actions have been taken and when the Bankers Books in respect of Tiong or Kuala Dimensi are open to public scrutiny, it can easily be determined as to who is telling the truth.

If it is established that Tiong has given Ong 10 million than Ong Tee Keat could be further charged for making a false police report and his defamation suit would fall by the way side. But if there is no such evidence that Tiong has given Ong 10 million than Ong would be successful in his defamation suit against Tiong. Ong Tee Keat would become a HERO and the Barisan Government would be saved.

The other amusing fact is the accusation by Faisal Abdullah of Kuala Dimensi that Ong Tee Keat has traveled on his company’s jet without making any payment. This is what we commonly call “ THE FREE LUNCH WHEN YOU ARE IN GOOD TERMS.” But now it has become an issue.

Maybe that is why the PKFZ Board  had over looked the billions of Ringgit of costs over runs, and the approval was given for Kuala Dimensi to make UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS OF BETWEEN 500 TO 1 BILLION RINGGIT.

Well Ong Tee Keat have you not heard “THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH”. Poor Chap!!!!!

But the interesting part, is the spin given to the issue of the use of the Dimensi Jet.

Simon Lim the political secretary of Ong Tee Keat says “IF THERE WAS ANY INVOICE REQUESTING PAYMENT FROM BARU AVIATION SDN. BHD.THE MINISTER WOULD HONOUR IT THROUGH HIS PERSONAL ACCOUNT.” Is it not a little to late in the hour to make such a statement.

This statement clearly shows how stupid these IDIOTS are. Just shut up. We all know and can picture out what has happened, in all these years. We manage and run profitable businesses and pay our taxes. So do not ever attempt to pull a wool over our eyes.

Ong Tee Keat, there is nothing so great about your members giving you their full support. If they had decided not to give you the full support, “ THEN SUCH NEWS SHOULD HAVE DOMINATED THE HEADLINES”.

Nevertheless we have to conclude with what Abraham Lincoln said:

“ I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”

So, Ong Tee Keat, If you prove your self to be right, the greater part of society will stand by you, But if you cannot prove it, not only will we part from you but a greater part of your own supporters today will dissert you like rats disserting from a sinking ship which will include UMNO.