The late Teoh Beng Hock met his untimely death under very  mysterious circumstances on or about 16.07.2009. His bereaved family has laid him to rest on 20.07.2009. The whole nation is dumfounded on the uncertain circumstances that befell upon this Malaysian, who was only required as a witness by the MACC.

The bereavement of all right thinking people of this Nation, regardless of colour, race or religion, is beyond doubt. Be that as it may, what is indeed very frustrating and disappointing is the issue that najib does not seem to know the difference or recognise the fact, that he is the one who boldly made an announcement  of the so called Concept of 1Malaysia and that he is the Prime Minister.

A life has been lost. So, the question in the upper most mind of all right thinking people is, Why has najib not taken a firm and bold stand and make an announcement with a willingness to give this unexplainable cause of death, the Government’s “unadulterated attention and candour with fairness” as it is only an expected practice  for any Government to have shown their utmost passion, under the current prevailing circumstances.

Does Najib not realise or do we the people have to remind him, that the MACC is DIRECTLY ANSWERABLE TO HIM. In such a circumstance, we the people can and will hold Najib to be PERSONALLY HELD RESPONSIBLE for the acts and conduct of Civil Servants who acted on Najib’s instructions. This is the only rational and inevitable conclusion that can be safely arrived at, and cannot be denied or disputed by Najib.

Najib, you have accepted, your Appointed position as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. By all the standards of our charitableness, even after 52 years of living under the APARTHELD system of Governance, where UMNO has openly shown its manifestation and displayed its racial segregation policies against the other Malaysian non Malay citizens, we generally have given you due recognition.

So, why the change heart, in the announcement of  the setting up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to determine whether the MACC had breached the established procedures on interrogation which may have a relationship to the cause  of the late Teoh’s untimely death and the Inquest to be headed by a Magistrate who will definitely be wet behind his ears, as he is just learning the role of the Rule of Law.

This attitude and conduct of you and your spineless Cabinet Colleagues only goes on to endorse and confirm the public sentiment against your leadership of the current Government for holding the office on the 48% of the peoples vote in march 08 of 2008.

By this process Najib you have virtually disconnected yourself, as we right thinking people see it, as ordinary human beings, your announcement from your authentic self. This much we are definitely certain as you have as the Appointed Prime Minister, have not shown any empathy under the current prevailing circumstances surrounding the death of the late Teoh.

If your spin doctors endeavour to demystify what is stated here, it will only be redundant, superfluous and maybe haughtily contemptuous, as I can see from where the rats would be coming. As such they would be spared the agony, of having to labour on your behalf.

The above reasoning, is based the facts that the Star Publication on 25.07.2009  has a caption that “Decision in line with Malaysia’s Laws, says Najib.”

For all intent and purpose all laws are a fiction. And in Malaysia the Judiciary have even made Common Laws and Established Conventions relating to the Constitution and the Federal Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of this Nation, to be an ASS. So, Najib, WHAT MALAYSIA’S LAW ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, that the world has not heard about? Could it be that you have now Formulated a Prime Ministers Private Members Bill and got the King to assent  to based on your EMPATHY to the family  on the mysterious death of the late Teoh, without having it tabled in Parliament?

It’s a good try, but Najib as Mahathir has stated you may be a good administrator but not a good leader, and as a leader you cannot just shoot out your mouth, and do not underestimate our intelligence.

For your knowledge may we remind you, if your highly paid spin doctors have overlooked it, that all the letters in the Statute Books and in the Common Law are MERELY DEAD LETTERS.

The Laws are given the FORCE OF LIFE by someone in authority SAYING what it means or what it is meant for or for what purpose it will be implemented. The dead letters will always be dead, until it is given the force of life or if it is found to be no longer of any useful purpose, it will be repealed and something new may come out in its place.

But the late Teoh Beng Hock has gone for good and will only exist in our memory, until that memory also fades away.

So, Najib as you are directly responsible for the acts and conduct of the MACC officials, are you showing to the Nation that you are endeavouring to cover up a conspiracy  hatched by the  MACC and PDRM, as you are going to be eventually held responsible!!!!

Lets face the facts Najib, you have a duty and a responsibility to this Nation of people. You have to appoint a Royal Commission of Inquiry. The Commission must be given the widest latitude of Powers to Investigate and report its findings, which are made Public As such, you must Identify with refreshing clarity the purpose and the reasons for which the Commission Members are appointed. The Members of this Commission must have and be held by the majority of the public to be persons of the highest Integrity and repute.

Then we can say there is no conspiracy, and you have acted without bias.



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